Pest control

Pest Control is very important in keeping your home & family safe.

Pests are a risk to your home,children and pets. Choosing a gold coast pest control technician to deal with pest problems is as important as choosing a doctor to look after your family.
Our technicians use safe and highly effective pest elimination methods to remove and eradicate pests from your home. Our staff undertake a very thorough and ongoing training exercises so they have the latest techniquesand advice on how to deal and treat pests in your home.
We work to eradicate all type of pests from your home or commercial business. We provide a non- hassle, fast and friendly servicein all areasfrom South Brisbane to the Gold Coast.

Our company has many years of experience in treating pests in residential, commercial, real estate, hospitals, and other clients throughout Gold Coast. If you want value for money, look no further. We provide high-quality pest eradication solutions to protect your property.


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We can remove the following pests from your home or business:

* Cockroaches
* Fleas
* Silverfish
* Spiders
* Household Ants
* Carpet Beetles

We can provide effective pest control management services for:

* General pests (Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders etc)
* Flea treatments
* Bed bugs
* Rental property flea treatment/ end of lease pest control

Pest control treatment starting from as little as $69 (Terms& Conditions apply)
Just give us a call and we will give you the best advice and a free quote to deal with these unwanted pests.

Termite Control Gold Coast

Termites are insects that feed on wood and eventually, become pests at homes and offices. Termites can slide into cracks or gaps of wood furniture and other nearly invisible cracks and feed on the wood. It is strongly recommended to treat termites without delay before they infest your property. Our specialists carry the tools to inspect the termites and use effective solutions to completely remove termites. Living in an infested house can be dangerous as termites carry numerous diseases.

Interior Pest Control

  • Spraying inside all cupboards, behind all appliances, along skirting boards & inside ceiling
  • Cockroaches, spiders & ants

Exterior & Interior Pest Control

  • Spraying inside all cupboards, behind all appliances, along skirting boards, guttering, under eaves & outside perimeters of house
  • Cockroaches, spiders & ants


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